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Basic and Obedience Training

Whether you have a new 8 weeks old puppy or you have a senior dog, whether you have a XS dog or a XXL dog, Wether it’s your first or your tenth time being a Pawparent….

You can always better your knowledge and your skills and get the most out of your dog (EVEN US!) Training with your dog is one of the most rewarding and fun filling ways to create that solid foundation to the unbreakable bond between owner and their pooch. But where do you start?

We work with you and your dog on a one to one basis inside and outside your home and your day to day routes to help achieve a solid foundation to your training and onto the path of success!!

Here are a few things we work with you and your dog to achieve:

  • Relationship bonding
  • How to keep your dog’s focus
  • How to build engagement with your dog
  • Communication with your dog
  • Recall
  • Obedience commands such as sit, leave, wait
  • Impulse Control (Sit, Stay)
  • How to greet humans and other dogs
  • Lead pulling
  • Manage undesirable behaviours in the home such as jumping up, barking, and excessive licking
  • Manage destructive behaviours
  • Toilet training
  • Socialisation
  • Traveling in the car
  • Behaviours in other people’s homes

+ Many more…

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